Community College vs. High School

College life is not like in the movies, at least not for a 40 year old at Community College. It actually has the look and feel that high school had, as much as I hate to admit it. I only have classes in one building and it reminds me of the high schools you see on TV where everything happens in one building.

There is a stairwell in the middle and always students hanging out in the halls before and after classes. The only thing it’s missing are the lockers lining the halls opening with a satisfying click and banging shut. Do high schools even have lockers anymore?

My high school was nothing like the one building upstairs-downstairs hanging out in the echoing halls high schools on TV. It was spread out buildings and outdoor facing doors and windows that didn’t open and it was all one story. The only stairs existing in the gym to to top of the fold away bleachers and at the doorways of the temporary portables they hid in the back of the school that I notice 20 years later are still in use.

It was much like the rest of my community college campus with lots of green grass and shady trees and a hike between every building. Not that I’m complaining, like I said, all my classes are in one building so walking across campus to the bookstore or the cafe is only done on a need to get a caffeine boost basis. I’m getting a real workout. I should wear my pedometer.

Does that need to be hyphenated…geez AP style has melted my brain. And here I go using ellipses…Yo soy hay rebelde. I think that says I’m a rebel. My mind’s a muddy mess of three weeks of college, but hey, I may have learned more in these three weeks than I learned in four years at my high school and THAT is where community college, no matter how much like high school it might look, is different.

Good night.

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Me Llamo Tammi

My first week of college is behind me and I’m now a pro at finding my classes, knowing where the labs are, and where to get a cup of coffee because I got to school stupid early and I just might nod off if I don’t.

I learned how to say nice to meet you in Espanol, “Mucho gusto”.

I know where the bathrooms are and the shadiest spot near the Learning Resource Center to have a quick bite and some fresh air.

I realize the buses will be on time when you’re running late and late when you’re right on time.

I found out I’m not the oldest student on campus and that I’m a pretty smart cookie.


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Textbook Terror

Have you bought textbooks lately? Today I bought my first textbooks. Yeah I know it’s the Thursday before classes start and I fully intended on ordering all my text books from Amazon weeks ago. When I worked at Borders I hated people like me who waited until the last minute to buy their books and actually thought we would have them in stock. I swear most of those people never set foot in a book store. That’s another story.

Why did I wait until now to start buying my books? I go back to my original question; have you purchased textbooks lately? They’re freakin’ expensive. I needed to have moolah in order to buy said books.

Was I sticker shocked? No. I’ve been the mom of a college student for the past two years so I’m not a newbie to the wonderful world of textbook buying. In fact, this semester there are three college students in our house who need to buy books. Buying books for three students is a real financial nightmare.

The other thing besides the puffed up cost of the text books, is the waiting lists we’re on for the classes. We don’t want to go buy books we may not need because we didn’t get into the classes. I did hear from my math professor that I got into her class, but I’m waiting to buy the book for my computer familiarization. I plan on buying the e-book version for that at half the cost (50 smackers).

I wish they had the e-version of my Spanish text book…I’m embarrassed to admit how much that one cost (50 smackers + too freakin’ much).

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Have you ever gotten an “A” on a quiz and the class hadn’t started yet? How did it make you feel? Did you not care because it didn’t really count; it was only orientation? Or were you super happy and couldn’t wait to text your husband the exciting WOO HOO! news and have a celebratory dinner?

That was me; the super happy chick who hasn’t gone to college in 20 years.

This is only the beginning of a new chapter in my life and it’s the little A’s along the way that will equate to my ultimate success.

I’m enthusiastic, but at the same time I say to myself, “What the frak was I thinking?”

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